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Перевод: journalist speek journalist

журналист ; газетчик ; газетный сотрудник; редактор журнала; редактор газеты


  1. Occasional letters and photographs would come from Terry Anderson, an AP journalist captured in 1985; the face grew more haggard, the eyes more accusing and staring.
  2. The call came as Israel arrested a freelance Palestinian journalist covering the latest upsurge in violence.
  3. "The achievement of the uprising," says the journalist Nahum Barnea, "is that the vast majority of Israelis who were happy with the status quo are now much more unhappy with it."
  4. There were no less than four components - Selina's introduction, a filmed report, an interview with journalist Andrew McEwen, and another interview with Breakfast Time's resident medic, Richard Smith.
  5. Eva knew a man on the local paper, the same co-operative journalist who got Charlie on the front page of the Bromley and Kentish Times, and he interviewed Dad.
  6. It is as if Dr Melvile, a psychologist, and Colin Johnson, a journalist, feel that they are springing a brilliantly new idea on us, which nobody has thought of before.
  7. Our prime aim was to climb the mountain but the BBC camera team and the Mail on Sunday journalist were primarily interested in hunting the yeti.
  8. Mr Kinnersley, a journalist who lives near Bath, Avon, said last night: "I'm very pleased about this decision but it isn't a charter for people to drink and drive.
  9. Blame cannot be laid at the doorstep of any single photographer, designer, journalist or editor - this is not intended as a smug pop at our predecessors, nor a dig at individuals.
  10. Thus Mayhew, who was a journalist and not a sociologist, writes of a coster lad as saying of his life,
  11. From November, 1914, Ruhleben (racecourse stables outside Berlin) housed for up to four years about 4000 Britons, who ranged from several honeymoon couples just arrived in Germany for their August holidays to dons and students on walking or reading parties, musicians and sportsmen snatched from festivals, and even a journalist with an ear supposedly close to the ground, Israel Cohen, a German correspondent for the London press who had cheerfully left on July 29 for his vacation near Dresden.
  12. "A journalist was given a briefing by the council's acting Press Officer, Nick Clayton, on the general Scottish Office guidelines for dealing with child sexual abuse.
  13. The advertisement - as featured in New Scientist - said that the BBC wanted an experienced journalist, but that did not stop a flood of academics from applying.

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