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Перевод: journey speek journey

поездка ; путешествие; вояж ; прогулка ; рейс ; состав вагонеток;
путешествовать; совершать путешествие; совершать поездку; совершать рейс


  1. The All the Year Round Christmas Number for 1865, "Mugby Junction" ( CS 19), which includes the ghost story of "The Signalman", has for its setting a great railway junction in the Midlands (Rugby), and CD's journalism contains many references to railways, e.g. "A Flight" ( RP ), which vividly evokes the journey from London to Paris by train and boat.
  2. It was around Lake Baikal that the woman in pink had been able to share in her daughter's delight with the journey.
  3. It claimed that people feel more in control of their lives if they are inching forward on a journey, rather than waiting for something to happen.
  4. Not that there had been anything problematical about the journey to La Paz - just the normal anxieties.
  5. It was about ten minutes long and he had before him a two-hour train journey.
  6. (Gen. 12.1) So Abram set out on a journey where faith rather than sight would be the guiding light, seeking a home, a city, a country.
  7. This journey, which seems to involve a plan to deal in drugs, takes the three to a ghost town where the others become separated from Lockett.
  8. Natural end of journey begun by Pilgrim Fathers is Warhol's Marilyn, he wrote.
  9. The events that it scans during its journey are conceived as the experiences of a positive vector.
  10. Boredom and fatigue will lead to the tendency to take naps but whether this should be encouraged or resisted depends upon details of the journey.
  11. The journey home each afternoon seemed endless.
  12. My return journey with the soup took twenty minutes; the soup was cold, and the Empress had fallen asleep in her chair.
  13. The journey had made her worse, and when she reached my parents' house, she collapsed in pain on the settee, from where she was unable to get up.

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