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Перевод: joust speek joust

рыцарский турнир; рыцарский поединок; турнир ;
биться на турнире; биться на поединке


  1. Before he reached them Paul and Joseph had hoisted the two boys, aged eleven and thirteen, onto their shoulders and were encouraging them to joust at one another with chopsticks from the table.
  2. International: Guerrillas joust for supremacy
  3. Martin seems to be missing by a distance as we joust it round the table, so after half a dozen exchanges I go down with much confidence on a half-ball cut into the bottom left-hand pocket.
  4. The parallel with the tournament or the joust, where the constraints imposed by space and regulations applied, cannot be ignored.
  5. A week later it is off to Dundee (for the first time since 1924) for the annual three-day joust against Scotland with the wins equal at nine each in the series that started in 1888.
  6. There was a marvellous audacity about a ruler who had decided to enter the lists and joust against the elements.
  7. The one-off posters featuring slogans that became familiar parts of the electoral joust also appeared on a single billboard in south London for photo-opportunity launches.
  8. Death overtook events only one day after the writing of this letter, when on 30 June the king took part in a joust, that "peaceful" demonstration of the military arts which was in fact potentially lethal.
  9. He has told the court that he has spent the best part of the last two and a half years preparing for this joust.
  10. Using as its basic theme the medieval joust, IOU's new show Full Tilt is pure spectacle, using an array of imaginative eccentric contraptions and costumes made from the most unlikely of materials!
  11. This structure is not, as might at first be imagined, derived from a fantasy of power relations modelled on a medieval joust but from the phenomenological account of the constitution of knowledge that works according to the structure of a subject perceiving an object, a same/other dialectic in which the other is first constituted by the same through its negation as other before being incorporated within it.
  12. Using as its basic theme the medieval joust, IOU's new show features an array of imaginative contraptions and costumes made from the most unlikely materials!
  13. Why, though, could these supposed championship contenders not have tried to emulate the fine passing that had sprinkled the previous weekend's Merseyside joust?

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