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Перевод: jovial speek jovial

веселый; общительный


  1. Daughter bursts into screaming fit when jovial psycopath sounds steam whistle on boiling traction engine two feet from where we are standing.
  2. On several occasions I witnessed his lordship make attempts to draw M. Dupont aside for some private conversation, only for Mr Lewis smilingly to impose himself upon them with some remark like: "Pardon me, gentlemen, but there's something that's been greatly puzzling me," so that his lordship soon found himself having to listen to some more of Mr Lewis's jovial anecdotes.
  3. Those that did turn up enjoyed the jovial atmosphere and frantic dancing ensued, except at the home-town concert in Middleton.
  4. Even Nazi Who Escaped justice At Nuremberg, at number 42, was seen talking to people in a high, jovial voice, that only increased his resemblance to a Gestapo officer.
  5. Simon was still jovial, and totally unsuspecting.
  6. JAMES CLEMENTS, a jovial rotund Englishman who runs the Sek Kong detention centre for Vietnamese boat people, could barely contain his satisfaction when telling reporters that nothing out of the ordinary happened when camp inmates heard news of the first deportations from Hong Kong.
  7. He glared at Mr Catlett, who quailed before this rare intimidation from a man who was normally jovial and kind.
  8. There was a sea of dinner-jacketed dignitaries and a jovial Sir Peter Ustinov as warm-up man.
  9. Sir Denis was becoming jovial.
  10. A jovial, curly-headed man, Mulverin was squelching around in a muddy yard outside the cowshed, mucking out with a spade.
  11. The Greek and Roman pantheon honoured gods who, if adequately propitiated, could bring good fortune; Jove could make jovial; but these were not gods of last resort.
  12. Jovial inquiries about illegal subsidies to industry, Rover for instance, got short shrift.
  13. Jack the lad is jolly and jovial.

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