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Перевод: jowl speek jowl

челюсть ; челюстная кость; щека ; подгрудок ; зоб ; бородка ; голова (рыбья) ; толстые щеки и двойной подбородок


  1. And he had no inclination to spend his off-duty time working in the jam factory that ran cheek by jowl with the camp; he wasn't in need of extra money.
  2. Brash and confident as an arrogant all-American jowl.
  3. Morgan ran a thick thumb across his jowl, puffed at his cigar.
  4. He had more cream on his hair than the Scottish Dairies, and sidelocks swooping down on either side of a pasty jowl.
  5. Yet tonight, one of the finest productions of the recent Dublin International Theatre Festival opens in the Civic Arts Theatre - Cheek By Jowl with their raved about As You Like It.
  6. Although it stood cheek by jowl with the factory, it was a place apart, a business apart, and an interest apart.
  7. And with all those people stacked up in X-ray, cheek by jowl, rubbing their short, white dressing gowns together, the plates were bound to have got into the wrong envelopes.
  8. I went to Croke Park and I had not the slightest interest in Protestantism but I did come from a Fermanagh family where you did live cheek by jowl with republicanism so I had imbibed it undoubtedly and it resurfaced, the inherited knowledge of the heart of the controversy in Ulster.
  9. This gentrification is taking place cheek by jowl with large public-housing projects, exactly the kind of urban renewal that pessimists thought American cities would never again be able to manage.
  10. Slivers of black burnt onion, petrified bacon rinds, lacy brown scraps of fried eggs and scores of other morsels from tomatoes, sausages, steaks, chops, liver, potatoes, bread and baked beans here lay cheek by jowl, and would have afforded a rich reward to anyone interested in Mr Piggott's diet over the past year.
  11. Dark-haired, he had shrewd beady eyes, was clean-shaven and showed the beginnings of a jowl.
  12. I went on to Birmingham's All Saints Hospital, which is cheek by jowl with Winston Green Prison.
  13. Cheek by Jowl come to the Almeida with Lady Betty: the story of Ireland's first hangwoman written and directed by Declan Donnellan with music by Paddy Cuneen and Sally Dexter in the lead.

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