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Перевод: joyful speek joyful

веселый; радостный; счастливый; довольный


  1. Let's hope for a butterflyfilled summer this year, and if you're off to a country wedding, may it be as joyful an occasion as the Sarns' feast.
  2. When Jesus Christ becomes the focus of our emotions as well as of our minds, then the Christian life is essentially a joyful life.
  3. swore allegiance and were joyful.
  4. The high number of joyful expressions about the salvation of the Fhrer, which is emphasized as a true stroke of fortune for the German people, is not only proof of the devotion and loyalty of the soldiers to the Fhrer, but of the firm determination of the soldiers to fight and conquer for him, which is also brought out in the letters
  5. In Masaya, a dusty, impoverished town to the south-west of Managua, supporters of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) turned an election rally into a raucous, joyful rampage on Wednesday night.
  6. What made you joyful then?
  7. But Tuesday see, the joyful Day is come;
  8. No joyful Choirs hail the rising Day,
  9. Tug tried to imagine Doyle having a joyful moment.
  10. The answer must be an emphatic and joyful "yes"; Greener than you or I will ever be!
  11. He said it with a heavy emphasis which brought them all close to tears but the mood was soon scattered by all the joyful preparations Rose had planned.
  12. Right joyful of your reformation.
  13. I never dreamt it would be such a joyful experience - or such a tiring one.

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