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Перевод: joyous speek joyous

веселый; радостный; счастливый; довольный


  1. And it is especially fitting that her statue should stand so close to the parade ring, the scene of such joyous pandemonium at Cheltenham after she had completed her unique double in March 1986.
  2. As an improvising batsman, of course, his immortal shot was the joyous, off-carved, square, slaphappy thing by which Notts beat Essex in the Benson and Hedges final at Lord's last July.
  3. There was a joyous roar as the old warrior, pretending reluctance, nodded.
  4. Yet there is a deeper, yet more exultant sense of the delights of love, of its mellifluous sensuality, in this second book than in the first; though Scobie overstates his case when he claims it as "nothing more than a joyous celebration (of love) richly seasoned."
  5. Prayer itself therefore had to be personal, spontaneous and joyous.
  6. I often saw you sprawling on the floor or on a park bench, a joyous sunburst of creases radiating from your abandoned crotch, your jumping fly.
  7. Arrival on Nine Standards Rigg is a joyous occasion for Coast to Coast walkers from the Irish Sea to the North Sea, and is the greatest milestone on the long journey.
  8. None of this mattered, however, compared with the joyous prospect of being together.
  9. Yeats watched, with an appalled fascination, as she threw herself into "a joyous and self-forgetting condition of political hate".
  10. "It was his joyous privilege to lead many to Christ" his biography said, and "his passion was to preach."
  11. To the massed spectators in the stands, flung in an instant from joyous acclaim of a Royal winner to horrified, dumbfounded silence, Devon Loch had seemed to leap at an imaginary obstacle before slithering to the ground and skidding along to a halt, the momentum throwing Francis up on to the horse's neck.
  12. Don't linger in Le Havre's ferry terminal: across the road the Musee des Beaux-Arts Andre Malraux has joyous pictures by Dufy.
  13. At New Year, compare the joyous skating in Moscow, the balletic conducting of Carlos Kleiber in Vienna (whose grace shone through his shapeless suit!) - with the Trafalgar Square mob!

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