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Перевод: joystick speek joystick

джойстик ; ручка управления; рычаг управления


  1. The passcode system's a welcome addition and the joystick on the control panel which mimics your movement's also a nice touch, but once you've played it for five minutes you'll have seen everything the game's got to offer!
  2. Both have dinky LCD (liquid crystal display) screens, tiny flat joystick pads, and plug-in games on equally dinky cartridges.
  3. Add to that a freebie joystick or light phazer, plus an incredible cash saving, and you've got an offer that's hard to refuse.
  4. With Goonies , US Gold departed from the usual one-player scenario in favour of a more thoughtful multiplayer game - where one joystick wielder helps another by competing tasks to open exits, distract enemies and gain bonus points.
  5. Recently I bought a Python No 1 Multi-system joystick.
  6. Trickier, this one - with your joystick in port 1, you can move forwards and backwards (left/right), but you can also execute a natty little leap by hitting "up".
  7. You control a floating hand that wibbles of its own accord but still responds to joystick commands, so you don't have to wait for it to wobble onto the bit of the board you want to shoot at.
  8. Reverser - Reverses joystick directions.
  9. Originally we were planning to reward the first ten correct answers drawn out of the bag with a wonderful Sigma-Ray joystick, but unfortunately Markie (feeble minded fool that he is) mistook them for his laundry and took them home to be washed by his Mum.
  10. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to one of Ludlow's most renowned hostelries, The Wonky Joystick.
  11. More unusual "joystick" controllers, this time from Spectra Video .
  13. Joystick

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