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Перевод: Judaic speek Judaic

иудейский; еврейский


  1. He had not yet, even, been able to make out how, if at all, Marcus's sudden Judaic piety connected with his original "quest".
  2. He prized too highly the Judaic emphasis of the wholeness of man's nature - oneness - his enjoyment of the gift of sexuality; and he criticised - at least e silencio - the false views that dichotomised and castrated man.
  3. Finally, and to return to the first century AD, although Christianity inherited much from its Judaic roots, it did not embrace the need for circumcision.
  4. Monotheism, for Empson, is the arch-villain of human history and the prime source of intolerance, and it is a villain of irrepressible energy: first the Judaic revival, then the foundation of Christianity, then Islam.
  5. Thus, between 1744 and 1767, Hermann Samuel Reimarus, a professor at Hamburg, had argued that Jesus was nothing more than a failed Judaic revolutionary whose body was removed from its tomb by his disciples.
  6. He was the specifically Judaic equivalent of the sacred priest-king.
  7. The last dynasty of legitimate Judaic monarchs had been all but extinguished.
  8. Beamish had formed the provocatively titled Judaic Publishing Company, which was renamed the Britons Publishing Company in August 1922.
  9. Here was the Acropolis, which had dominated the city since the second millennium BC, and older than Judaic Jerusalem (King David's city) by 500 years; the Agora, the civic centre, formerly situated between the Acropolis and the main gate to the city; both being crowned by the remains of the Parthenon, that geometric and architectural treasure widely copied - from Birmingham, England, to Nashville, Tennessee.
  10. He repudiated his first wife and married a recognised Judaic princess, thereby seeking at least a form of legal sanction.
  11. This not only brought it into harmony with the existing regime, but also enabled it to further dissociate itself from its Judaic origins.
  12. Throughout the nineteenth century there were faint waves of Adventism, deriving from the Judaic roots at the heart of the Christian faith.
  13. They fear the assembly will in effect be Christian, and derpive Jewish pupils of knowledge about Judaic faith, practices, history and ethics.

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