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иудаизм ; евреи ; иудеи


  1. The God of Judaism, for instance, reminds Israel in the book of Exodus when He gives Moses the Ten Commandments that He is a jealous God.
  2. A convert to Judaism has to immerse him or herself in a mikva.
  3. Perhaps for this reason Judaism and Islam, particularly when they refer to the creative power of the god whom they follow, suggest that their deity is in fact the only god who exists and not simply the only god who is to be worshipped:
  4. These rules were modified by reform Judaism in modern times and, to a lesser extent, by conservative Judaism, but remain in full force for the orthodox, the group that predominates as the only legitimate expression of Judaism in the present State of Israel.
  5. Modesty in looks and behaviour is considered to be the ideal in Judaism.
  6. This critical question lies behind Plaskow's title for her book on Judaism from a Feminist Perspective, Standing Again at Sinai .
  7. It was a childhood rich in the family traditions of Judaism, one that was made to feel all the more in need of protection, thanks to the brutality against them and their people in Europe.
  8. Judaism and Islam could be called polytheistic religions in the sense that they do contain traditions that represent Jews and Moslems as called upon to choose one of several gods and follow Him to the exclusion of others.
  9. Marriage in Judaism is of such a high status that when a Jewish couple are married, it is considered that the home is like a small version of the Temple and spirituality is brought to everyday life by keeping the biblical laws.
  10. From then onwards, he knew himself commissioned to carry the way of Jesus beyond the particularity of Judaism to the Gentile world.
  11. Similarly, in the various schools of reform Judaism circumcision still occupies a central place, despite the objections raised by the nineteenth-century originators of the movement to the rite's continuation on the grounds (amongst others) that there was no rite of initiation for daughters into the religion so the male ritual ought to be abandoned.
  12. Ironically, Judaism's splendid emphasis on the father-son relationship, the most sacred there is next to that between the Creator and the created, exacerbates this loss; hence Judaism's very humane laws to do with "the fatherless" - far ahead of its and any other time.
  13. In this collection of pieces which revert to themes pursued in If this is a man Levi writes: "Desperate, the Jewish survivors, in flight from Europe after the great shipwreck, have created in the bosom of the Arab world an island of Western civilisation, a portentous palingenesis of Judaism, and the pretext for renewed hatred."

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