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Перевод: Julia

[имя собственное]
Джулия ; Юлия


  1. He treats a visit from Tinkerbell (Julia Roberts) as a hallucination, and a return to Neverland as an inconvenience.
  2. For example, if you are embarking on Julia in Two Gentlemen of Verona and her Proteus letter, it is as well to have a sheet of paper that you can tear up to make the scene start with a dramatic focus and give the lines some action.
  3. Sure to be a scream: America's most famous fiends, The Addams Family , are coming to the monster screen, Anjelica Huston is perfectly cast as the deliciously decadent Morticia, and Raul Julia no less so as her ghoulish soul mate Gomez.
  4. A strong group of British work including "Naked girl asleep I" from 1967 by Lucian Freud (est. 350,000-;450,000; 639,00-;821,000) and a rare landscape drawing of Loch Ness by the artist dated 1943 (50,000-;60,000; 91,000-;109,500); a Frank Auerbach of "Railway arches, Bethnal Green II" (est. 180,000-;250,000; 328,500-;456,000) and a 1965 "Julia" (35,000-;45,000; 64,000-;82,000).
  5. Julia was stunning in it.
  6. The opening event of the competition, the Herms Amazone Prix St Georges, was won by Markus Tecklenborg from West Germany riding Preacher Man ; the second was Jeanette Haazen from Holland, riding Windsor , and the third was Julia Westphal from West Germany on Corna .
  7. Julia Stanley observes, after scouring the Oxford English Dictionary and finding 220 terms for women as prostitutes, that the prostitute for English speakers is the "paradigmatic woman".
  8. Starring Patsy Kensit, Julia McKenzie, Susannah Harker, Iain Glen and James Wilby , Adam Bede , adapted from George Eliot's classic pastoral novel, is a tale of desertion and just deserts.
  9. "I was very sad that Julia didn't see the boy," George says.
  10. One of the things I like most about Julia is the fact that she's very different from me; I like our dissimilarities more than our similarities, although we do share a lot.
  11. They said goodbye to each other, and then Julia and David walked out into the freezing darkness.
  12. My routine, where I lived, the fact that Julia was taking this secretarial course."
  13. ACTRESS Julia Roberts should make Pretty Woman 2 quickly to revive her flagging career, a magazine survey has urged.

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