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Перевод: Julius

[имя собственное]
Джулиус ; Юлий


  1. As President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania said in 1977: "The widespread addiction to cement and tin roofs is a kind of mental paralysis."
  2. Dr Julius Grayling, the man in charge, says that he would have had a worse chance of getting a grant from the Mandan Foundation if he had applied with a literal description of the work he wanted to carry out.
  3. Here Mr Sampson, the narrator of "Hunted Down", re-encounters Julius Slinkton with his second niece.
  4. It was director Joseph L Mankiewicz who had given Brando the chance to prove he was more than just a mumbling slob by casting him as Mark Antony in Julius Caesar .
  5. It must have been a daunting task to know how to encompass and animate such an extensive and familiar subject, but the Royal College of Art, which was commissioned to organise and design the event, enlisted that most reliable of cultural populists, John Julius Norwich, to curate, and he has proved a model of Dimblebyan dependability, as well as introducing the commendably brief but informative and well laid-out catalogue.
  6. Yes I did - when English Lit was over I read my last sentence before she collected the papers, and it said, "Julius Caesar is a filthy no-good rubbishy play because it doesn't have enough women in it.
  7. In 1479 Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere, later to become Pope Julius II, asked his scribes to copy out by hand a printed text of Appian's "Civil Wars".
  8. "the wildest Roman of them all"; cf. Shakespeare, Julius Caesar , V. v: "the noblest Roman of them all.
  9. It occurred to me, when I reached Julius Apollo's door, that the Canadian would be standing where it was for the whole of the twenty-five minutes of its daily scheduled stop.
  10. The novel Lust for Life by Irving Stone, published in 1934, is the most famous of these productions, popularising a vein of interpretation established early in the century by some of Van Gogh's first advocates, such as the taste-maker Julius Meier-Graefe, who defended Van Gogh in 1906, and went on to write a book in his praise in 1921 called Vincent .
  11. He may have been reluctant to give up a conquest of his illustrious forbear, Julius Caesar.
  12. I started working out how I'd have answered that Julius Caesar question.
  13. On February 27th 1813, "Persons to be written to" included Julius Ibbetson junior.

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