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Перевод: June speek June



  1. A plan approved by councillors in the Labour-run south London borough requires material issued by its fostering and adoption unit to be amended by June to affirm the eligibility of "gay men and lesbians as foster carers/adopters".
  2. During June each year, visitors to Kilwinning are likely to be perplexed if reference is made to the town's annual papingo shoot.
  3. This conference will take place on 11-;12 June 1992 in London.
  4. 15 June 1989
  5. In June 1688, James II's wife, Mary of Modena, gave birth to a son (later known as the "Old Pretender") and the threat of a return to continuing Roman Catholic royalty caused six politicians with Bishop Compton of London, secretly to invite William of Orange, the leader of the Dutch against Louis XIV of France, to claim the English throne on behalf of his wife, Mary, the eldest daughter of James.
  6. The event began in June, with a Scottish Regional Finals day to be held on September 14th at the Stirling University Indoor Centre, from which one Ladies' and one Men's team will be invited to the National Finals at the Vanderbilt Club, London, on October 5th.
  7. It is the fourth day of the month of June, and HARRY and PHIL are walking together in the garden of HARRY'S house.
  8. Mr Papandreou, whose standing has risen steadily since his scandal-hit Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) increased its vote by almost two percent over the inconclusive election last June, said he will do his utmost to coax the Communist-led left coalition into forming a government of "democratic and progressive forces".
  9. In June 1914, she was sitting inside the Rotonde because the weather was cold and was delighted to shock "the fair and pure English bourgeoise" by being "very glad with the bad garon of a sculptor.
  10. The second method is to broadcast the seeds together with not more than 1 kg. to the acre of rape and turnips in late June or early July.
  11. On a Saturday morning in June of 1922 I called for him but before we could play he had to go to Redmans, the butchers in Winchester Street, for his mother.
  12. The session, postponed at Britain's request after the Peking bloodshed, was the first since hardline leaders triumphed in Peking in June.
  13. When Mr Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev met in Washington in June 1990, a third partnership seemed possible.

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