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Перевод: Jupiter speek Jupiter

[имя собственное]


  1. The cloud's rising internal heat can no longer be radiated away into space, and the dust cloud - originally resembling a giant gaseous ball like Jupiter - becomes a warm gassy protostar .
  2. Jupiter be praised!
  3. YOU are the only sign with Jupiter in this sector of the horoscope.
  4. Jupiter is no ordinary planet: it almost made the grade as a star and a study of its wondrously complex magnetosphere - so different from the Earth's - provides valuable insights into distant astrophysical objects.
  5. In fact, as early as October 1, when your ruler Neptune is challenged by Jupiter in Cancer, you will realise that money is really only half the battle or problem you're facing this month - because someone appears to be breaking all the rules, if not breaking your heart.
  6. He was an eccentric who, amongst other exploits rode a bull named Jupiter to the hunt and attracted the attention of George III.
  7. Miss Timber Topper looks best in the opener and after Richards has had another winner with Pyjamas in the St. Boswell's Handicap Chase I expect Stephenson's Jupiter's Glory to complete a great day for punters.
  8. The full blossoming of JPL space research came with its astoundingly successful planetary probes - the Mariners to Venus, Mercury and Mars; the Viking soft-landers on Mars; the current Voyagers to Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.
  9. Tories aching for fizz have to accept the meat and two veg reality; and they may remember that, in the fable, Jupiter grew so tired of the frogs complaining about their uninspiring King Log that he sent down a replacement, King Stork, who ate them all.
  10. With Jupiter in Libra until November, this area could be the success story of 1993.
  11. "Jupiter" is a triploid, so you'll need an extra pollinator for its mid-season flowers.
  12. The Pioneer and Voyager probes of the 1970s hinted that Jupiter probably had no solid surface at all.
  13. (Jan 21-Feb 19) Jupiter and Neptune are challenged by the Sun in Libra and everything must seem to be out of focus at the moment, if not a bit unreal.

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