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  1. Faulting is therefore mostly of Jurassic age although during the late Cretaceous it formed the locus for strong inversion and fault-block readjustment.
  2. Scleractinian corals are found in small numbers in Triassic rocks, and are abundant in Jurassic, Cretaceous and younger rocks, particularly in past and present tropical regions.
  3. However, Lutz et al. (1975) recognise that southwest of the Groningen High reburial would have led to renewed gas generation from the late Cretaceous onwards; Lutz et a/. record the initial generation phase as having occurred from late Triassic to mid Jurassic.
  4. It is likely that the earliest gas generation from the Westphalian took place in areas where a considerable overburden of continuous Permian to Jurassic strata accumulated.
  5. The recognition of an earlier stretching event in the early Carboniferous formed the basis of heat-flow prediction prior to the Jurassic.
  6. Jurassic ammonite, Promicroceras planicosta .
  7. Over the onshore area - 2000 m of inversion is recognised which is in accord with the independent estimate of 2000 m of missing section given by Barnard and Cooper based on a study of vitrinite reflectance data from Jurassic rocks in the area.
  8. The pterosaurs, flying reptiles, also had their origins in the Triassic and became widespread and varied during the Jurassic and Cretaceous.
  9. Fossil limpet gastropod, Symmetrocapulus tessonii , Jurassic.
  10. There are a number of species of Nilssonia from the Jurassic distinguished on the form of the leaflets.
  11. Jurassic echinoids in this sort of preservation in hard limestones are often difficult to clean.
  12. The maturity picture does not change significantly along the northern edge of the London-Brabant Massif until the late Jurassic.
  13. Significant amounts of gas may have been generated, and it would be interesting to know whether geochemical work has been done on the gases found in Jurassic reservoirs to see whether any Palaeozoic contributions are present.

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