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Перевод: jubilant speek jubilant

ликующий; торжествующий


  1. They beat Red Star 2-;0 and Clapton Orient 1-;0, and Chapman sent a jubilant telegram to the Examiner reporting that the team had also won a "nice trophy", the Bronze Lion.
  2. IT WAS 9.15 on Tuesday night, the din of a thousand jubilant Tories echoed round a Wembley conference hall and the verdict from the critics was that John Major's final rally address had been a success.
  3. The first part of the subtle body or aura is called the etheric or vital body which emanates about t.5 centimetres from the physical body; the astral body radiates about 30 centimetres or more around the body; and the mental or spiritual body, which can widen or contract, sometimes extends for metres when we are feeling jubilant or when we are in love, for instance.
  4. Bean was jubilant, Gary pleased, Jazz silent and non-committal.
  5. No jubilant thing of sun or shade worth one sad tear.
  6. "A jubilant Mrs Thatcher (waving stick) outside No.10 prior to starting her sixth term."
  7. Donald McCulloch was jubilant.
  8. Jubilant England manager Donald Parker said: "It was a wonderful team performance.
  9. Her whole body felt starry-eyed and jubilant.
  10. It was won by the Cheshire Youth Orchestra, who were in jubilant mood as they left for the journey home.
  11. He was jubilant, in an unusually chatty mood.
  12. At 11.30pm a band of jubilant household staff returned to Cumnor Hall from the mop fair.
  13. Zuwaya said they would not have wanted to win an election that way; and some Magharba - admittedly few, the majority being unquestioningly jubilant - said that just ends had been achieved by improper means.

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