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Перевод: jubilee speek jubilee

юбилей ; празднество


  1. He built a prototype in 1988 and won the 7,000 first prize in the Douglas Bomford Trust Golden Jubilee competition the same year.
  2. Queen Victoria lived on to see these tremendous changes and in June 1897, when the British Empire was probably at its peak, she celebrated her Diamond Jubilee with great pomp and ceremony.
  3. As we struggled up the hill with brambles and goose-grass snatching at our clothes there was an almighty clap of thunder together with a flash of lightning that seemed to strike the Jubilee Tower.
  4. 1953 brought not only the Ashby Committee of Enquiry but (as already mentioned) the WEA's fiftieth anniversary: the celebrations to mark the Jubilee provided welcome relief from the anxiety of awaiting the Report.
  5. In 1958 at the Club's Golden Jubilee celebrations, Charles Luker recalled his early years when the rough lived up to its name and when after each game very golf club head was well rubbed down with emery cloth to prevent it rusting.
  6. The dog that had jumped over the fence into Jubilee Wood hadn't been wearing a collar.
  7. It will be supplemented by a wonderful model lifeboat named Jubilee ".
  8. Britain, however, celebrated the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary, the occasion being a joyous one, particularly in London, where there was a magnificent parade.
  9. It was up in Jubilee Wood, or on Lee's head.
  10. For all the obvious potential of the pageantry in attracting tourist income from America and the Commonwealth, official expenditure on flags and bunting in the City of London came to just 150, while, to save money, the cleaning of the floor of St Paul's Cathedral before and after the jubilee service was done by an army of volunteers.
  11. To demonstrate his ability to draw a wide range of support from within Labour's ranks, Mr Smith was flanked at a press conference in the Jubilee Room, off Westminster's Great Hall, by Mr Robin Cook, from the Left of the party, and Dr John Cunningham, from the Right.
  12. Few Englishmen would have disagreed with Archbishop Benson when he was describing the visitors to London for the 1887 Jubilee.
  13. Since 1926 was the Golden Jubilee of Blackpool's Incorporation as a Borough, the lifeboat was named "Jubilee".

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