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Перевод: judgement speek judgement

приговор ; решение суда; заключение суда в отношении правильности процедуры; наказание; кара ; божья кара; суждение; мнение; взгляд ; рассудительность ; умение правильно разбираться; усмотрение


  1. It is hard to believe that it was a right judgement about all the other people possible.
  2. But, if an error of judgement or a bad decision has been made, the vital thing is to recognise that, admit it and take immediate action to break the chain of events while a safe course of action is still possible.
  3. That combination of family snap and Last Judgement.
  4. One hesitates to dispute this judgement, coming as it does from a source with such impeccable credentials in pitiless cynicism, but the fact remains that the young men of Oriel didn't see it quite that way.
  5. "These things ought, in my judgement, to be wholly forbidden to children," I said, instead.
  6. The choice of criterion is a matter of judgement.
  7. The because clauses that required the more complex inferences were, in general, longer than those that required simple inferences, so the combined reading and judgement times were longer overall for these sentences.
  8. At that very moment Ingulph came by and on seeing him Ashford's relations acknowledged God's judgement in favour of the abbey.
  9. Side by side with the suspicion that Masailand somehow emasculated its administrators, there grew up in East Africa a conviction that the proud Masai could be successfully handled only by the finest type of Englishman, whose qualities of honesty and good judgement they instinctively recognized and respected.
  10. What we see is a fleeing away from the central issue of judgement and assessment.
  11. The demand fur such a common culture rests either on an altogether over-optimistic belief in the educability of the majority that is certainly not justified by experience or on a willingness to surrender the highest standards of taste and judgement to the incessant demands of mediocrity.
  12. In short, he epitomized the tremendous qualities of the British civil service - undoubted ability coupled with unstinting hard work and independent judgement.
  13. At a farewell luncheon, management committee chairman Eric Langley spoke of her dedication, knowledge, efficiency, sound judgement, firmness, imagination and sense of humour.

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