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Перевод: judging



  1. Discussing a book on Dostoevsky, he remarks that while the author has much of interest to say about The Idiot "she does not quite persuade one that it comes off, indeed she does not really try, because like many scholars today she is more concerned with showing how the thing works than with judging if it works well."
  2. This entailed looking at the flag in the distance and then judging the yardage in between before deciding on the club.
  3. As with all the best competitions the rules are entirely arbitrary and drawn up by an impartial judging commmittee consisting of the proprietor of this column and nobody else.
  4. So in judging this year's crop, I'll award points for books that convey the dreadful secret that mathematics is fascinating .
  5. The difficulty of judging the appropriateness of the behaviour identified
  6. "Good morning," said the tailor, to this company, for he believed in good manners, and the creatures were surveying him in a judging and intelligent way.
  7. Judging by the mood prevalent up till now in the DDR the planned freedom of travel will scarcely influence those who want to leave because their patience is at an end and their trust in the government has been destroyed.
  8. She knew that she should have breasts, that she should be menstruating; that, judging from the giggled conversations of her friends, she should have at least wanted to find out about love and sex.
  9. Mr Catlett, Chairman of the Judging Committee, spoke low in explanation.
  10. I concede that it will do for judging in retrospect the spontaneity beyond the margins of my rationality, as when jumping like an instinctive animal for the side of the road, and for such primitive choices as the child's refusal of another helping; but I continue to insist that at the centre of me I differ from the child in having escaped being restricted to choice between spontaneous goals.
  11. It runs a League, and is involved in establishing criteria for judging standards for a series of compulsory figures.
  12. and judging by the success of the IRAS system it may well be 2 years - as long, for example, as the Einstein X-ray Observatory survived.
  13. He sensed that she was judging him.

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