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Перевод: judgment speek judgment

приговор ; решение суда; заключение суда в отношении правильности процедуры; наказание; кара ; божья кара; суждение; мнение; взгляд ; рассудительность ; умение правильно разбираться; усмотрение


  1. Seventh, accountability and judgment are an integral part of economic life .
  2. But the enactment of the Civil Liability (Contribution) Act 1978, now means that a judgment given against one partner when the other partners are living does not prevent the creditor (assuming the first partner does not have the necessary financial means) from bringing an action against the other partners who are jointly liable.
  3. i Canada : Following the news (IB 14/91) that a superior court judgment in Quebec could mean that the ban on advertising will be withdrawn, some tobacco companies are already planning to resume advertising.
  4. In the present case the Court of Appeal on 4 November 1991 refused leave to the present petitioner, Strathmore Group Ltd., to appeal from the judgment of the Court of Appeal dated 4 October 1991.
  5. The Court of Appeal has, however, subsequently held that in the exceptional cases in which a Mareva injunction might be granted in support of a foreign judgment or arbitration award (enforcement of which is being sought in England) the injunction will normally be limited to assets in England.
  6. The following passage in the judgment of the court appears at p. 296:
  7. People do not want standards that tie companies down comprehensively or that rule out the use of judgment.
  8. It is therefore an appalling error of judgment for Terence Cuneo, who painted the official picture of this awesome ceremony, to introduce his "signature" - a vivid green mouse - sitting by the throne.
  9. I am resisting the temptation to thunder about AIDS being a judgment upon them, etc.
  10. All calculations of this kind may of course be upset, but almost invariably because of a swing in the electorate's judgment not of candidates but of their politics.
  11. There is the further objection that Christian orthodoxy (be it Catholic or Protestant) teaches that the Son has sole access to the Father within the Holy Trinity and that He is the sole advocate before the throne of Judgment.
  12. But the agencies prefer to avoid complaints wherever possible, and this encourages an administrative inclination for equity of treatment, even though "scientific" judgment may dictate otherwise.
  13. At first sight, this approach has the advantage that the classification issue does not depend solely on a value judgment by the court about the appropriate scope of governmental activity.

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