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судебным порядком


  1. He said judicially, "I expect that's what you heard; but no, you've got it wrong, Patriarch.
  2. Ann said, judicially: "What she told us doesn't alter the fact that he had bags of charm, but it seems that it's his - well, his stock-in-trade
  3. In the remainder of this section we will examine the following issues: which bodies are subject to judicial review; what sorts of decision are subject to judicial review; who can apply to have a decision judicially reviewed; what remedies are available to an applicant for judicial review; and the procedures for seeking judicial review.
  4. Clarence, by some curious quirk of fate that again linked the Mowbrays with the royal family, had been arrested on the day following Anne's wedding and subsequently judicially executed.
  5. With corporal punishment abolished as a judicially imposed sentence, and capital punishment diverted, at least for a time, to a committee room in Whitehall, the decks were cleared for the first real post-war scrutiny of penal policy and methods.
  6. It could, however, be argued that the Watch Committee was acting in an executive or administrative capacity rather than judicially.
  7. This general principle has however been circumscribed in various ways by decided cases, not least by the rule that money paid under a mistake of law is not recoverable, a rule which, though heavily criticised in academic writings and elsewhere, is in my opinion too deeply embedded in English jurisprudence to be uprooted judicially.
  8. It concluded that the preponderance of characteristics of the Trusteeship Agreement (which formed the plaintiffs' basic constitutional agreement) suggested an intention to establish direct, affirmative, judicially enforceable rights.
  9. was interpreted in such a way as to exclude the rules unless: (a) the decision being taken affected an individual's legal rights; (b) the decision was being taken by a body which had a duty to act judicially.
  10. This criticism is part of a wider attack on the use of classification of functions as a criterion for deciding issues such as the availability of judicial remedies to control administrative action (the remedy of certiorari was at one time said to be available only if the decision-maker was under a duty to act "judicially"), or the applicability of the rules of natural justice in particular circumstances (sometimes said to apply only to "judicial functions").
  11. "In order to obtain judicially admissible evidence, US investigators would have to obtain proof that (i) a payment was intended for a foreign official, (ii) it was made with a corrupt intent, and (iii) it was made for a prohibited purpose.
  12. "It seems to me that the board are wrong whether they acted judicially or ministerially.
  13. Moreover, as Scheingold (Scheingold, 1974, p. 95) has somewhat bitterly commented, in the light of his experience with American civil rights test cases, even judicially acknowledged rights should still be treated as contingent resources and not accomplished social facts.

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