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Перевод: judiciary speek judiciary

судебный; судейский; законный; рассудительный; способный разобраться; беспристрастный;
судоустройство; судьи


  1. Notwithstanding the possible ground for distinguishing between the two cases, therefore, there remains a fundamental doubt as to just how much policy innovation can reasonably be expected from the British judiciary especially in such a politically sensitive area as defence policy.
  2. Though his subsequent report did not directly criticize Campbell, it did attack the overall structure of the police and judiciary.
  3. It promises sweeping freedoms, a new economic order, a commitment to a united Europe and the separation of the executive and judiciary.
  4. Political institutions, the judiciary, and the police, for example, are considered "newsworthy" and become natural sources of information for the mass media.
  5. The thunder with which this was greeted from the senior judiciary - every one a former barrister - forced the Lord Chancellor to produce his fudge: separate systems of accreditation with four senior judges given a veto over solicitors' rights.
  6. AN INDEPENDENT judiciary is a glorious thing - in the abstract.
  7. The proposals included a vital role for the judiciary in framing rules for advocates and preserved the independence of the legal profession, he said.
  8. The idea here is that Parliament will set the framework of general rules for society, the executive will govern within those rules and an independent judiciary will resolve disputes over the meaning of those rules and will, in particular, keep the executive within the boundaries of law.
  9. In the official press, Chinese politicians, as well as senior members of the judiciary, have repeatedly urged that instructions to "punish criminals heavily and rapidly" be strictly adhered to.
  10. And so strong is the legal culture that radical change, to make the bar and judiciary more accessible or representative, looks unlikely.
  11. It is true that the potential is clearly there: judges retain the independence they won after the "Glorious Revolution"; members of the senior judiciary may only be removed by the Queen on an address presented by both Houses of Parliament.
  12. The structure of state organizations - the patterns of ministerial functions, agencies, quasi-governmental agencies, and indeed the institutional separation or non-separation of executive, legislature and judiciary - proves the responsiveness of the state machinery to these external elites.
  13. "Hitherto I believe it's been accepted that the judiciary in Malawi are entirely independent and fair-minded.

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