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Перевод: judicious speek judicious

здравомыслящий; рассудительный; благоразумный


  1. Although it is clear that these changes were made in order to admit light to the new, deep-plan living accommodation, it is conceivable that the judicious use of ranges of standard reversible and ventilating roof windows might have provided an answer to this requirement which would have been less erosive of the original external appearance.
  2. We have usually deemed it strategically unwise not to employ a judicious mix of the two.
  3. An office which is assiduous about publication and publicity, but which is often seen as outside the dialogues of current architectural concern in the USA, deserves a more judicious appraisal then it has received, here or elsewhere.
  4. It is a quite perfect example of pub conservation, combining careful preservation of the Victorian compartmented interior and servery arrangement, with judicious enhancement and enlargement of drinking areas.
  5. Where will you find in any of them so much Nature, Sweetness, Simplicity and Ease, and such a judicious Choice of new and enlivening Epithets?
  6. The threat to British interests had changed, with international Communism replacing the political and military intrigues of predator European powers and Tsarist Russia of earlier centuries, but the policies for meeting the new threat remained traditional: the judicious stationing of garrisons to protect overseas territories from external aggression and from internal subversion; the deployment of naval forces to maintain the freedom of the seas in areas of British interest; and the positioning of strategic reserves at key points, like Egypt and Singapore, on the imperial lines of communication through Suez to the Far East.
  7. The discount to the market could be eradicated by some judicious pruning.
  8. Just as importantly, he is possessed of a generosity of mind which allows him to be calmly judicious about the merits of writers who can advocate militant homosexuality and drug-taking (such as Thom Gunn), sympathise with feminism (Elaine Feinstein) or adhere to some variant of Marxism (Hugh MacDiarmid).
  9. Victoria Glendinning, writing as a biographer and literary journalist, has offered some judicious thoughts on the question, which summarize much of my argument:
  10. In contrast, in countries as distinct as Nigeria and Zambia, governments have supported the indigenous African entrepreneurs who benefited from these restraints on their potential competitors by a range of credit facilities and the judicious allocation of contracts.
  11. Sometimes it means making judicious individual decisions about marriages and family relationships.
  12. By self-discipline we mean the judicious guidance of our desires and impulses through the elaborate filter of convention so as to obtain the maximum amount of self-satisfaction and social approval.
  13. Although the original HST plans provided for two daily return journeys between King's Cross and Aberdeen, by judicious programming of the sets (plus some extra sets transferred from the Western region) it was possible to add on some extra trips to existing rosters.

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