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  1. But in world judo at present, there is a group of young fighters all jockeying for the top positions - and in the first day of the World Championships here yesterday, they began to sort themselves out.
  2. Judo: Hughes makes light of her load
  3. I've even known fire eating, sword swallowing, skiing and judo to be useful, and they are certainly eye-catching - but be sure you really can do what you claim!
  4. The British Judo Association has already begun to make use of her vast experience.
  5. Sport in Short: Judo
  6. Judo: White remains the stylist in a world of brute force: Philip Nicksan meets a fighter on the mat after throwing his weight around on behalf of the British judo team
  7. Judo: Ogawa shows his age
  8. Sharon Rendle and Diane Bell, who struck gold in the demonstration judo event in South Korea, will defend their world titles.
  9. "Judo has always been a technical sport for me - it must be the most complex of any in the Olympic Games," White said.
  10. Judo: Mills bombs out in weight game
  11. ALLEGATIONS of gross misappropriation of funds belonging to the sport by the former president of the International Judo Federation were made at the biannual congress yesterday while the man himself lay in a nearby hospital apparently suffering from a heart attack, writes Philip Nicksan from Belgrade.

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