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Перевод: jug speek jug

кувшин ; тюрьма ; щелканье;
тушить; посадить в тюрьму


  1. Patterns and plains interplay in ranges which include huge platters, capacious cups and saucers, bowls and the jug, illustrated right, which costs 14.99.
  2. It would be wonderful to let go and throw the teapot across the room, and then the milk jug and then the sugar - lump by lump - at the family Hulsby and at Mitzi.
  3. She makes me cocoa in a jug while I'm washing up.
  4. The thunder broke not long after sunset, as Cameron and Menzies sat with a jug of wine, reckoning up the day's gains and setbacks.
  5. Teacher: Is the jug full?
  6. "we'd like some coffee, too - in a jug.
  7. Franca set out a jug of water and a tumbler, while Pat found the whiskey.
  8. This may be done by heating in a jug in the microwave for 4min, then cover the jug and leave for 10min.
  9. "You'd best take a jug with you.
  10. Will you get a jug and put some water in it?
  11. If Seve Ballesteros had looked a winner all along in 1979, and certainly looked likely to lift the claret jug from a long way out, Dave's second Open success was not so cut-and-dried.
  12. The impact of the big price appears to have spilled over into Sotheby's yesterday where a Timurid brass jug inlaid with gold and silver, dating from 1495-96, was bid to 60,500 against an estimate of 8,000 to 12,000.
  13. Will I take your jug to the howff, Angus?"

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