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Перевод: juggle speek juggle

фокус ; трюк ; ловкость рук; обман ; плутовство; ловкая проделка; извращение слов; извращение фактов;
жонглировать; показывать фокусы; надувать; обманывать; плутовать; фокусничать


  1. And, as soon as the consumer has to juggle with changes in the period of the agreement as well, he also has to juggle with some paradoxes.
  2. Four separate agendas, then; and a funding agency that wants to juggle the lot.
  3. As part-time bobbies they juggle homes, careers and their "special" beat which mixes crime fighting and community policing.
  4. His move left his nervous Italian counterpart, Arrigo Sacchi, to juggle his big names back home.
  5. Staying motivated for matches has been a problem for the teenager, who is trying to juggle her tennis with more normal aspects of life in Florida.
  7. This is not to set up a system which once again asks women to do something painful and impossible, to juggle with all the expectations that come when we are working as wives and mothers and outside the home as well.
  8. The Gazza of old would have been tempted to flick that ball in the air and juggle away an outstanding chance for his team.
  9. To learn to juggle, take one ball and practise tossing it from hand to hand in an easy arc.
  10. But she had already lost her balance as she impossibly tried to juggle Equal Opportunities, shortage of staff and time, and the torrent of "open access" job applications.
  11. A former sales manager looking back on the time he had to juggle with the moral and immoral balls of corporate demands said that:
  12. Henry Stewart, later to juggle many millions as News on Sunday 's financial wizard, was a Big Flame Maoist who helped start operations in the north-east of England.
  13. A great many nurses care for dependent parents or grandparents, and have to juggle their own personal and family needs around long-term commitments.

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