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Перевод: juggler speek juggler

жонглер ; фокусник ; плут ; шарлатан ; обманщик


  2. "A concert pianist is allowed a wrong note here and there," Amis observed in his introduction to The New Oxford Book of Light Verse (1978), "a juggler is not allowed to drop a plate."
  3. A good colourist is like a juggler with ten balls in the air at once and able to catch them all.
  4. I have been entertaining at children's parties - as clown, magician, juggler and musician - for over twenty years.
  5. A child's piping question about the next "act" - a professional juggler currently on the variety bill in a nearby town - was hurriedly hushed, as much by the Colonel's glare as its mother's whisper.
  7. As he is also chairman of the 100 Group of finance directors and regularly speaks at conferences and meetings, his timetable requires the skills of a juggler if not actually a magician!
  8. In one, Ackroyd interviews himself about his own book, dispensing the sort of reflections an author normally puts in the preface: only Ackroyd, the teasing narrative juggler, would insert them on page 892.
  9. Comic skills are exploited with an evident pride in technique, like the juggler tossing his plates, but there is a sudden expansion in range.
  10. At the moment Gorbachev is like a juggler with a lot of balls in the air at once.
  11. With a juggler's dexterity he switched the bolt gun swishingly to full automatic.
  12. It is necessary if you are a scientist, as it is if you are a juggler or an aficionado of the French horn, to employ jargon.

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