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Перевод: jugular speek jugular

шейный; яремный; югулярный;
яремная вена


  1. A few days before the European Planning Committee was due to meet, Mueller decided to go for the jugular.
  2. THE motorway murder victim Marie Wilks used her Red Cross training to staunch the flow of blood from her jugular vein after being stabbed in the neck, a court was told yesterday.
  3. Unlike the "old school", the new breed go for the jugular.
  4. This is a person who quite likes the idea that the woman he is mashing might stick an ice-pick into his jugular at any second.
  5. Perhaps he was only locating the jugular vein for future use.
  6. Near the summit on a steep, south-facing crag Going for the Jugular, which climbs the left-hand crack up the steep buttress on the left.
  7. "We were taught to go for the jugular," Buckmaster remarked.
  8. The doctor "bled him in the jugular vein, blistered and purged him with calomel, and lowered his pulse with foxglove", and he was "somewhat better in the morning"!
  9. God may be totally other to humanity, but at the same time (as in the quotation from sura 50) God is said to be closer to a human being than is his or her jugular vein.
  10. The best moment on "Strangeways, Here We Come" was, strangely, the most obvious statement Morrissey ever made in a lyric, "Paint A Vulgar Picture" offered no new insights to the tacky edge of such a subject, but it did sound as though he had finally decided to cast away all the ambiguity of his writing and head, simplistically, for the jugular.
  11. A knife wound had severed her jugular vein and her jaw was broken from a punch or a kick, the jury was told.
  12. Her jugular had been severed.
  13. His performance is a character actor's polished gem rather than a tragedian's stab at the jugular.

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