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Перевод: juicy speek juicy

сочный; ядреный; суккулентный; колоритный; выгодный; прибыльный; соблазнительный; сексуально привлекательный; отечный


  1. The Reverend Foster's beady eyes fixed on the children fumbling for their donations as if they were a parcel of juicy worms to be swooped on if they tried to wriggle away.
  2. "So what about a juicy bit of exhibition Speciale before catching the train?"
  3. As with viewing figures, the newsmen knew a juicy liaison, especially if those involved are trying to keep it a secret, does wonders for sales and circulation.
  4. Lambs' lettuce (corn salad) is very hardy, providing juicy leaves with a bland flavour.
  5. When it is gone, reward the dog with a second course of its preferred dinner (dry food mixed with juicy brown stuff).
  6. Charles reproved her for rushing on ahead of his story, and told her about this Sergeant lurking within like a spider waiting for a juicy fly.
  7. "There is little point in distant bribes, however juicy.
  8. The remedy is to take a juicy example and pull it to bits yourself.
  9. Deceptively simple and restrained at first, then juicy, almost lychees, with a salty/grassy finish.
  10. Picking a little later, in October, is "Elstar", bright red in colour with juicy, very crisp flesh and a fine flavour.
  11. Dot bit through the taut and burnished skin of the apple into juicy flesh.
  12. At top-flight level they use new oak barrels to age the juicy ripe grapes from low-yielding vineyards, and the resulting wines cost between 12 and 25 a bottle.
  13. The first piece of advice that's necessary is that you shouldn't just try to be fashionable by choosing juicy speeches that catch your eye without knowing the whole play and having a working idea of how to perform the speech.

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