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Перевод: jumble speek jumble

беспорядочная смесь; толчея ; куча ; путаница ; суматоха ; беспорядок ; сладкая сдобная пышка;
перемешивать; перепутывать; смешивать; перепутать; перемешиваться в беспорядке; беспорядочно двигать; беспорядочно двигаться; двигаться в беспорядке; толкаться; трястись; смешиваться


  1. Beside him a three-pronged trident was staked into the low altar, and next to that a jumble of miniature statues danced with their shadows in the firelight.
  2. That's in the darkness of the inner room, with its raised seat for the dhmi when he's possessed, and its rows of bells and strips of red and white cotton cloth strung in a jumble from the rafters.
  3. They've got a jumble sale under way already.
  4. Someone whose social aspirations demand a disparate jumble of old buildings, to give them substance."
  5. One held a pool table, another seemed a jumble of drums, school books, volley balls and footballs.
  6. Any really good party is a chaotic jumble of noise and movement, so you have vision and sound built in.
  7. Praying that the links wouldn't catch on my clothes in my knitted sweater should have stripped head under, metal lying on my face, push the links up with hands, full strength, take care, don't rush, don't snag clothes, get free of the jumble of things on the mud around me, hold onto the wire outside, don't let go, the current in the river was appreciable, tugging, keep straight, hang on , shoulders through, raise the links, back through, bottom through, legs links short of breath lungs hurting careful, careful unknown things round my ankles, hampering had to breathe soon feet catching feet through .
  8. His furniture is a jumble of good and bad; a magnificent Bokhara carpet lies next to straw mats, and engravings of fashionable society and sacred icons confront one another.
  9. Rye, with its cobbled streets, picturesque jumble of houses and timeless atmosphere is, perhaps, the prettiest.
  10. There were, as well, jumble sales, and stories are told of men's silk hats mysteriously and miraculously transformed into stylish ladies' bonnets, and of feather mattresses disintegrating, to the great discomfort of those transporting them.
  11. Running a jumble sale.
  12. Fashion being what it is, with rarity the overriding factor, the position arises that the collector will have to pay very much more for the ephemeral, roughly produced parts, with their many inaccuracies and jumble of advertisements, than for the vastly more elegant and durable leather.
  13. This jumble of the religious and the secular, the democratic and the dictatorial, illustrates the dangerous muddle that the anti-racist movement finds itself in.

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