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Перевод: jumbo speek jumbo

огромный; гигантский;
большой неуклюжий человек; неуклюжее животное; большое неуклюжее животное; громоздкая вещь; большая неуклюжая вещь


  1. Moreover, it had acquired the suspension and tyres to cope with the jumbo output generated by its turbocharged 6.7-litre V8 - in excess of 320bhp and 400lb ft of tree-toppling torque.
  2. Sweetcorn, chickpeas or maples may well be the going bait and it could then be an advantage to fish a couple of very large jumbo tiger nuts of half a brazil nut over the top of the baited area.
  3. Following Sealink's withdrawal from the route, Hoverspeed takes over today (April 11) with its fast SeaCat. 432 aircraft-style seats reinforce the illusion of travelling on a jumbo jet.
  4. Prince Wi jumbo size ears and a heid full o mince
  5. Whistling to himself, Henry laid the table, while, in the corner of the kitchen, Maisie finished her last chocolate bar and got to work on a packet of crisps, a tube of Rollos , half a pound of jellybabies and a jumbo bar of Turkish delight.
  6. Standing at traffic lights a Koenig-designed Jumbo is, save for the chatter inside, completely silent.
  7. Ben Sayers has released its own version of the jumbo driver - "Big Ben".
  8. The apparatus is controlled by a console would look more at home in a nuclear power station or in the cockpit of a jumbo jet.
  9. High overhead, barely visible or audible, a jumbo jet began its gentle descent to Heathrow.
  10. But a far better early evening occupation is to watch the sky slip from pink through mauve to deepest purple and reflect on what you're missing: the shop-till-you-drop malls of Singapore or another long night on the Jumbo.
  11. Alderson is revealingly described: "poor old John Alderson has gone careering off the rails, and is now shacked up with the liberal party an intellectual liberal reformer with radical ideas whose philosophical mumbo jumbo, often incomprehensible, and not very original, did nothing to impress".
  12. In Waitrose there were Twix bars and Breakaways; there were chocolate digestives and huge jumbo packets of crisps and giant, plastic bottles of Coca-Cola.
  13. Guild acoustic jumbo, 425.

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