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Перевод: jump speek jump

прыжок ; скачок ; резкое повышение; ускорение; переход ; резкий переход; команда перехода; вздрагивание; движение испуга; преимущество; дислокация жилы; разрыв ; сброс ;
прыгать; скакать; вскакивать; вскочить; впрыгивать; вздрагивать; шарахаться; вспугивать; перепрыгивать; перескакивать; пропускать; соскакивать; переходить; выполнять переход; трясти; заставить прыгать; подскакивать; подпрыгивать; попрыгать; повышаться; качать; подбрасывать; поднимать; дергать; ныть; брать; избежать; захватывать; завладевать; смещаться; искажаться; сваривать впритык; расковать; осаживать металл; бурить вручную; тушить встряхивая время от времени; поджаривать встряхивая время от времени; стремительно подниматься по служебной лестнице; не сделать


  1. What she didn't find out until too late was that it was one thing to jump a gap but quite another to stay put on the landing stone when the surface was wet and slippery.
  2. But don't just jump in because you feel you've got to.
  3. When sailing in surf it is important to select which wave to jump and also which part of the wave face is best.
  4. Don't tell me you can't jump above the water."
  5. There is no doubt that Pipe has taken the training of jump horses into an entirely different dimension.
  6. I'm not sure you can jump from there to the strategy of the business.
  7. He, too, is trained by Stephenson, for whom he has won his last four races in smart style, albeit with a tendency to jump right.
  8. Fig 83 Another jump from Robby; this time a 20 ft leap into oblivion
  9. An individual friend may not persuade you to jump off a cliff, but peer-group pressure can make Gadarene swine of us all.
  10. Lice don't jump.
  11. All the way to the station she asked it, Shall I jump out of the car at the next light and run?
  12. He is made to jump it a third time, even if you have to stand there all night.
  13. Apart from blue-iced muffin sales at a Manchester bakery, the jump was the only accurate early indicator of the Tory victory that emerged.

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