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Перевод: jumper speek jumper

прыгун ; скакун ; член английской секты методистов-прыгунов; прыгающее насекомое; ручной бур; забурник ; шлямбур ; перемычка [эл.] ; соединитель ; соединительный провод; появляющаяся мишень; парашютист ; захватчик чужого земельного участка; санки ; салазки ; джемпер ; матросская рубаха; рабочая блуза; рабочий халат; сарафан, надеваемый на блузу; детский комбинезон ; малица ; контролер


  1. Jane contemplated designing a jumper based on her favourite sport of canoeing, but found it too ambitious.
  2. Baby Lily is wearing cowl-neck cashmere jumper, 190, by Pringle of Scotland.
  3. Turn to the centre pages for more on the greatest show jumper of all time.
  4. The yellow silk square that Steve had given him was in his back pocket; eight boxes of buckshot in each saddlebag; binoculars in his combat jacket; two rolls of inch-wide parcel tape; fifty feet of light line; steel hammer and hall a dozen steel spikes; spare combat jacket and two pairs of jungle trousers; for night work, black cotton roll-neck, black tracksuit bottoms and black cotton gloves; slacks and a light jumper for Mariana.
  5. This fine jumper is fanced to end the winning sequences of both Nautical Joke and Conclusive in the Save And Propser Handicap Chase.
  6. With him there you were never baulked ; you rarely got a clout from your opposite number and you never had the middle jumper leaning forward to nab your ball.
  7. Remember also, the pitfalls for children of "tickly" yarns (I hate that jumper, it tickles), of necks being too tight (I'll never wear that thing again) when ears have almost been severed off at bedtime!
  8. Benny tried not to feel the rough wool of the jumper at her neck.
  9. Only after the jumper has touched the ball will any one of the support players be allowed to make contact in the one metre gap.
  10. Someone once described this as sorting out the knots in the knitting and then taking pride in wearing the jumper.
  11. During heat waves, companions walked beside me in shorts and a T-shirt, while I lurched along in two tons of wool, certain in the knowledge that removing the jumper for 30 seconds would result in instant death by exposure.
  12. Elsworth, who blames himself for "choosing the wrong race" for Ghofar twice this season, is now convinced the horse is a much more adaptable jumper than the rather hesitant seven-year-old Brendan Powell rode in 1990.
  13. I normally knit two pieces of stocking stitch to represent a back and a front, or occasionally knit two backs suitable for a child's jumper.

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