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Перевод: jumpy speek jumpy

нервный; панический; действующий на нервы; раздражительный; скачущий


  1. When Callahan heard that Hornbaker was on his way, he was as jumpy as Gary Cooper waiting for Frank Miller and his gang to ride into town in High Noon .
  2. The horse will continually overreact to his handler and everything around him; and he will be nervy, difficult, and "jumpy" much of the time.
  3. Most remind me of the Sinclair Spectrum games of a few years ago, but that last one is a typical Japanese "happy jumpy scrolly" game - weird, but compulsive.
  4. During contests he was as jumpy as a schoolgirl and gave off a static charge of nervous energy.
  5. He arrived jet-lagged, tired and jumpy.
  6. "War in Val d'Orcia" is her dispassionate account of attempts to keep life on a local estate balanced between bellicose German troops, jumpy partisans, exhausted refugees, escaping British prisoners and the local Fascisti, during the appalling interlude following the fall of Mussolini.
  7. He seems to be talking in a series of jumpy thoughts.
  8. She's a good-looking woman, but she's jumpy and she does'na have the confidence.
  9. I've only been in your bed with you once and then you were as jumpy as a cat thinking that sister of yours might come back unexpectedly.
  10. I just love the jumpy rhythm on that track and I'm not ashamed to say it!
  11. "This business has made her really jumpy.
  12. They were both jumpy and alert.
  13. "He'd definitely be someone very nervy, very jumpy and basically insecure.

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