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Перевод: junction speek junction

соединение; стык ; место соединения; место пересечения; точка соединения; точка пересечения; скрещивание; связь ; узел ; железнодорожный узел; узловой пункт; узловая станция ; скрещивание путей; перекресток ; стык дорог; распутье; слияние; переход


  1. With only eight months to go before the closure of Staveley sheds, a local class 04 trundles down from Arkwright on a rake of coal empties from Kirkby Bentinck No. 63701 will deposit the train at Staveley, some two miles down the track, and beyond Duckmanton North Junction (below) seen in the distance.
  2. Situated within 1/2 mile M6 Junction 6 and only 3 miles from City and International Convention Centre.
  3. Turn left on this and follow for 1/2 mile to junction with main drive of Witley Court.
  4. So far as the Grand Junction Canal company itself is concerned, it is all a matter of inference and speculation.
  5. The walk starts at a gate in the roadside wall at this junction, opposite a copse of trees marking an old Quaker burial ground.
  6. Then later, in 1896 and 1897, letters were sent by Fellows, Morton and Clayton to the Grand Junction, complaining of the lack of progress in either constructing wide locks or lifts at Foxton and Watford.
  7. Go right at the junction where Via Baracchini ends, then left into Via Chiaravalle and left again into Via Sant' Antonio to see the church of Sant' Antonio Abate.
  8. In 1926 the St. Annes' blue-cars were extended from Talbot Square to the Gynn, making it a busy junction, where the cars of three systems met.
  9. This was conveniently situated, being fifty miles from London and on the railway junction between Oxford and Cambridge - at a point (as Andrew Hodge, biographer of Alan Turing, one of B.P.'s genius-mathematicians, puts it) which was near the intellectual centre of England.
  10. Early this morning another device exploded under a flyover at Staples Corner, Hendon, north London - the junction of the M1 and the North Circular.
  11. Twelve hours later we pulled into Zaudinskiy, the junction of the Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Siberian lines, and after fond farewells and toasts my comrades headed west - in the same direction as train after train loaded with tanks.
  12. The park is situated on the A361, 2 miles south of its junction with the A40.
  13. This is the bridge that still spans the entrance to the Junction.

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