j ja jc jd je ji jn jo jp jr jt ju

Перевод: juncture speek juncture

соединение; место соединения; положение дел; стечение обстоятельств; шов ; стык ; спай ; связь


  1. The programme will continue, and might be expanded at some later, less fraught juncture.
  2. Within hours of saying on BBC radio that his candidacy was "almost certain," Sir Anthony, MP for Clwyd North-west, was summoned by Mr Cranley Onslow, chairman of the backbenchers' 1922 Committee, who told him not to damage the party at a difficult mid-term juncture.
  3. At this juncture, although he was not yet living at Chelsea, Sloane intervened as saviour and benefactor of the Garden.
  4. He joins the group at an intriguing juncture.
  5. At this critical juncture in her life she felt that there was no-one in whom she could confide.
  6. There were three factors which saved me from becoming anorexic at this dangerous juncture.
  7. At this juncture it should be noted that a considerable proportion of international lending does take this latter form.
  8. A subsequent chapter will address the question of how this threat is routinized by members of the RUC generally, but at this juncture it is worth considering how the management's dilemma leads them to organize community and neighbourhood policing in an area like West Belfast, where attack is imminent.
  9. Perhaps he has forgotten that his lord ought to be murdering his lady just at this juncture; or perhaps he thinks Emilia is as corrupt as himself; or perhaps he does not understand love, The error is great, since Emilia is the only person who knows the truth about the handkerchief.
  10. While this must remain conjecture, it should be remembered that 1949 was a critical juncture.
  11. The velocity induced by arrows is dependent mainly on the angle of juncture; there are fast arrows and slow arrows.
  12. An undated letter from the abbess to Edward, probably written at this juncture, wished him prosperity in his affairs and reminded him of the convent's special relationship with the English crown.
  13. At that juncture, an odd thing occurred.

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