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Перевод: jungle speek jungle

связанный с джунглями;
джунгли ; густые заросли; дебри ; живущий в джунглях; притон


  1. American studies on skin health have indicated that the over-use of steam treatments (more than twice a week over many months) can cause "jungle acne" - a disorder brought about by the presence of excess moisture in the skin.
  2. I couldn't yet hear the jungle drums that told you where to go on any particular day.
  3. Just Splashes, of Richmond, Yorkshire, supplied an iron bath ornamented with griffon's feet and acanthus leaves, while Porcelain Jungle installed a neo-classical bidet "Colour", says Sally, "unifies everything.
  4. If we ignore the business, then it would be a case of the law of the jungle taking over."
  5. A project for a 3000 km pipeline to carry gas from the Western Amazon jungle to the industrial south east is under consideration.
  6. We run down woodland paths, over rough pasture where the beef cattle join in and gallop alongside us, up over the convex slopes of the Sledging Hill, along a winding track through an overgrown shrubbery, which they call The Jungle, and out beside a string of fishing ponds.
  7. From the other side of the wafer-thin wall between Odeon One and Two comes the voice of The Jungle Book's Baloo: "I want to talk like you, walk like you, I want to be like you."
  8. It's often described as a jungle, and to be totally frank, it is.
  9. Here, too, were stuffed crocodiles with needle-like teeth, deadly blow-pipes from the Amazon jungle and glittering brasswork from Burma and Arabia and Ceylon.
  10. While waiting for a flight she was asked to do some translating at one of the jungle lodges.
  11. Rheum palmatum, with its large deeply-cut leaves, will greatly enhance a jungle atmosphere if planted amid wispy grasses and the delicate lacy foliage of Polypodium vulgare "Cornubiense" or the leathery tongue-shaped fronds of Phyllitis scolopendrium.
  12. Foreman, winner of three world heavyweight title fights in the early Seventies, is best remembered for his part in the one he lost: "The rumble in the jungle" in Kinshasa, Zaire, when Ali knocked him out.
  13. So far, he had not met any strange animals, terrifying monsters or lost pupils trying to find their way out, and after a few journeys began to feel quite safe as he wandered through the never-ending jungle of passageways.

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