j ja jc jd je ji jn jo jp jr jt ju

Перевод: junior speek junior

младший; младший из двух лиц, носящих одну фамилию; подчиненный; нижестоящий; юношеский;
младший ; подчиненный ; студент младшего курса; студент предпоследнего курса; юниор ; барристер ниже ранга королевского адвоката; сынок


  1. Dr Harding (left), the junior medallist, is reader in physical biochemistry at the University of Nottingham.
  2. But it is seldom that junior staff complain about too much delegation as opposed to too little.
  3. Junior wants granddaddy to carry him right to the car."
  4. Leicester have won just one of their 11 Carlsberg League games this season, but the club suggested that the reason for the dismissal was Johnson's unwillingness to involve himself in the club's junior programme.
  5. In March 1988, a group of junior officers attempted a coup.
  6. Predictably, where such policies have merely involved adding on a vocational junior secondary top to a general primary base u in Ghana and Nigeria, there has been little overt reaction to the proposals.
  7. Ted Batt (21 years Tom's junior) also played, as did his children.
  8. It had to be known by employees to do their jobs and was widely known by relatively junior members of staff.
  9. Too rapidly, however, Mussolini became the junior partner, carrying out the Fhrer's personal wishes and dragging Italy into a disastrous war when it had neither the industrial base of Germany, nor Hitler's personal enthusiasm for total war.
  10. However, I feel there should be two grades because of the difficulty of actually getting the game started with one service in some areas of junior or park tennis.
  11. Only when senior creditors were paid in full would junior creditors, and after them preference shareholders, get some cash.
  12. His mother tells an anecdote about his wanting to join the Cubs, the junior branch of Boy Scout movement, when he was only four or five: much below the permitted age, but he was so insistent that the Cubmaster let him in.
  13. Since time immemorial "Staggy" had been drip-feeding ambitious junior researchers with toxin, preparing them for the stronger poisons which lay ahead.

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