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  1. The kidneys are cooked whole in butter and just before serving them you throw in a wineglassful of burnt gin and a few crushed juniper berries.
  2. They had a juniper bush which was placed in the hub of a cart wheel covered in crpe paper.
  3. The juniper in No 26 next door was looking as tired as she felt as she opened the gate.
  4. Over the next 3 years the maturing Balsamic vinegar is carefully transferred from Mulberry to Chestnut to Juniper wood barrels.
  5. They must lie up in the caves, if we do send refugees here, and in the pinewoods and the tall juniper - they will do even in the winter.
  6. 50 ml of olive oil, 10 drops of rosemary, 10 drops of lavender, 5 drops of tea-tree or juniper.
  7. In relation to the vegetation communities in which the campsites were located, the major difference in impact related to campsite core size which tended to be larger in pion juniper areas due to the more open nature of the vegetation and the less rugged nature of the areas on which it is dominant.
  8. Coarse and raw on the nose with sweet rubbery notes but little perceptible juniper.
  9. Example Programme : Weeks 1-;3 (juniper), Week 4 (rest), Weeks 5-;7 (lemon), Week 8 (rest), Weeks 9-;11 (juniper) and so on.
  10. Juniper is noticeable on the taste, but otherwise it is sharp and one dimensional.
  11. Even after the disappearance of the Druidical priesthood, native Celtic country folk continued to use juniper for ritual fumigations in order to wipe out disease.
  12. The smell of juniper, burned earlier as incense, still lingered like the warm breath of the forest in summer.

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