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Перевод: junk speek junk

утильсырье; отбросы ; старое железо; битое стекло; мелкий скрап; ненужный хлам; хлам ; барахло; рухлядь ; наркотик ; чурбан ; колода ; солонина ; спермацетовый мешок; джонка ; ворса ; хуевина [неценз.] ;
выбрасывать как ненужное; делить на куски; разрез`ать на куски


  1. These equity-related issues are Japan's equivalent of America's junk bonds.
  2. At the same time humankind as a whole has treated the oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds as a dumping ground, for sewage, noxious chemicals, radioactive waste, and generalized junk.
  3. As with junk, the bill eventually arrived.
  4. AFTER the fourth and final session of the sale in Amsterdam of porcelain from the Vung Tau, the junk which sank off Vietnam in 1690, Christie's announced a sale total of 4,165,667 - more than four times what was expected for the entire cargo.
  5. She was standing by a small chest of drawers on which were littered various pieces of domestic junk and a pile of old magazines - True Story, Confessions, Tit-Bits and the like.
  6. But the collapse of the United Airlines bid and the troubles of the junk bond market have blocked new deals.
  7. So, next Tuesday and Wednesday, Christie's in Amsterdam expects a full turnout of buyers when it sells 28,000 pieces of Chinese porcelain from a burnt-out junk shipwrecked around 1690 off Con Dao Island, Vietnam.
  8. Terms like junk bonds and LBOs tripped off the tongue.
  9. "If you don't want it, it's junk."
  10. This was more than offset by 22 billion of additions, half from "fallen angels", formerly investment-grade debt downgraded to junk during the year.
  11. The mechanic says that on that year the truck the part was handcrafted in Zogmolia near Flelzonia and not only is it double reverse threaded but that its made from a rare alloy rendered from toxic wastes in New Jersey; however, he has assured me while trying to hold back a laugh and spraying spittle all over me he knows a junk yard on Mars where he can get the part soon.
  12. They hold almost a third of junk bonds outstanding.
  13. IF ONLY America's economy were isolated from the rest of the world, there would be less worrying about takeover bids, junk bonds, debt and bankruptcy rules.

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