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  1. The Polish and Prussian land owners - Junker and szlachta alike - had responded to the western demand for grain by exploiting the two commodities they had at hand: labour and land.
  2. The categorisation of rural change into the two alternative paths of Kulak and Junker is schematically useful, but does not exhaust the possible forms of agricultural development.
  3. "Mother," she said, "the Junker put Hitler in power."
  4. Lenin contrasted two types of development that can result from the penetration of capitalism in agriculture: the Kulak or American path and the Junker path.
  5. Industrialisation and the mechanisation of farming techniques would have inevitable knock-on effects within Prussian social structure, however, and the Junker land-owners - who dominated Prussian politics, the military and the agricultural economy, and who were the most entrenched and backward-looking group in Pomerania - could be counted on to resist all change.
  6. Give the old Junker that."
  7. The Junker path involves the increasing proletarianisation of the peasantry, who lose their plots to encroaching landlords (for a more detailed discussion of Kulak and Junker paths, see de Janvry 1981).
  8. And there were Junker and Junker .
  9. Besides, those old Junker -" she was about to say all those Junker but in deference to Omi did not - "they didn't all look nice.
  10. For this reason, many landowners have followed the Junker path, taking over the land of sharecroppers and colonos and compelling them to sell their labour on the open market.

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