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Перевод: junket speek junket

сладкий творог с мускатным орехом и сливками; пирушка ; празднество; пиршество; пикник ; увеселительная поездка на казенный счет;
пировать; устраивать увеселительную поездку на казенный счет


  1. On the same Toronto junket, following a rather splendid lunch at the Granite Club with a friend from CFRB, I met Roy Thomson for the first time.
  2. But whereas junket is made with great rapidity and is eaten almost as soon as the curd has set and without being drained, soft cheese takes longer to turn because less rennet must be used and the milk is barely heated, too much rennet and/or too much heat producing a leathery and acid curd.
  3. The question may have niggled at the 7,776 advertising talents who entered their work for the prestigious Design Art Direction Awards, some of whom will turn up tonight at a glittering Grosvenor House junket to find out whether they have won one of the silver or gold pencils.
  4. There is nothing wrong with this, and in fact soft milk cheese is little more than an extension of junket.
  5. So we have to use junket rennet.
  6. In a corner of the floor stood a saucer of milk which had long since turned to an unsavoury junket embellished with blue mould.
  7. They recess; they junket; they arrive late and they leave early; they attend conferences out of town, fly off to give speeches, sip and chat and endlessly party.
  8. In other moods she would go to bed for days, and have trays sent up to her room that were laden with stingy nursery snacks of mashed fish and junket.
  9. Why should the patients suffer because one of the royal family is invited to a junket?
  10. EC junket will cost taxpayers 6.5m
  11. To make a good pound of cheese, ingredients are 4 pints of ordinary full cream milk, 1 teaspoons of junket rennet (liquid, not powder) and a little salt.
  12. "Perhaps we should encourage young novelists"; "the Booker Prize is a media junket"; "actually, I'm here because I wrote the book".
  13. To commemorate the anniversary, the HGO organized a major press junket: critics from all around the opera world came to Houston to interview David Gockley and see three new productions by his company: the world premire of a new opera by Robert Moran, the American premire of Robert Wilson's production of Parsifal , and a new version of Andr Grtry's Zmire et Azor , billed as the first revival of the opera in the United States since 1794.

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