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Перевод: junta speek junta

хунта ; клика ; политическая фракция


  1. In the Junta de Comercio , founded in 1758 as "an institution informed with a new spirit, audacious and progressive", these new men fought the "prejudices" of the guilds and participated in the most diverse enterprises.
  2. On 6 March the junta ordered the chiefs of staff to make detailed preparations.
  3. In Uruguay a junta that fought subversion almost as brutally as Argentina's collapsed under its own disagreements in 1984.
  4. The definition will be not the ruling of a judge but the manifesto of a revolutionary junta.
  5. There is a feeling on the British side that the junta will soon get its spares.
  6. IN SEPTEMBER 1868 A REVOLUTIONARY JUNTA in Spain, led as usual by an army general, decided that the only way forward for the country lay in the removal of Queen Isabella, whose political incompetence, combined with a certain laxity of morals, made her unfit to continue to rule.
  7. These Provincial Juntas organized resistance to the French occupation authorities and, on 19 July, the army of the Seville Junta defeated Dupont's isolated corps at Bailen.
  8. Lin Foh looked shocked as Cowley stated the unstatable, heavily implying that Lin Foh was not a welcome presence in England, after the coup that had ousted the ruling junta two months before.
  9. When, in late September 1936, the National Defence Junta, having recognized the need for an overall military commander, met in Salamanca to choose one, there was already only one serious candidate.
  10. A five-party coalition obtained royal approval for the appointment, promoted by Gen Sunthorn Kongsompong, head of the military junta which took power in a coup last February.
  11. He then twice conspired to overthrow the junta, and is unofficially considered to head the paramilitary death squad, the White Warrior Union.
  12. Brigadier Dominic Kassiano, a member of the ruling junta, told the army newspaper Guwat al-Mussalah that food supplies in the towns of Juba, Wau, and Malakal would not last long.
  13. The junta that overthrew the old Emperor Haile Selassie in 1974 brutally eliminated the tiny, rich and greedy elite around him.

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