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Перевод: jurisdiction speek jurisdiction

отправление правосудия; юрисдикция ; правосудие; подсудность ; подведомственность ; подведомственная область; сфера полномочий


  1. Overall control was returned to the Inspector-General, and for the first time the jurisdiction of the regular police was extended to cover entire districts.
  2. The Middle Ages knew a number of courts with a maritime jurisdiction, which were mainly local courts, e.g. the court of the Cinque ports.
  3. On the power and jurisdiction of Parliament, Blackstone had this to say:
  4. The second was that, on theories of jurisdiction then prevailing in the United States, Mexico's claim to assert personal jurisdiction against a non-resident defendant was regarded as exorbitant; Judge Hand thought that he should not "aid a foreign tribunal to acquire jurisdiction" in these circumstances, a phrase really quite inappropriate, for a civil law system would not regard the service of process as a basis for jurisdiction.
  5. It had original jurisdiction over serious offences.
  6. Local violence continued in the uncertainty caused by still undefined areas of jurisdiction.
  7. An authority in the state of destination which finds that it lacks jurisdiction to execute the letter of request, for example because the defendant is not resident in its area, must forward "the documents and antecedents of the case to the authority of the State i.e. within the same state which has jurisdiction".
  8. In the struggle between them and the King's Courts for jurisdiction over ecclesiastical property - the right to present a clergyman to a living, for instance - the King's Courts were successful at an early time in getting and keeping the jurisdiction in their own hands.
  9. Nor will the Union nor any of its member clubs permit teams under the jurisdiction to play in Wales."
  10. They have full jurisdiction to say: "We are satisfied that there is a nuisance here, but we are not going to order you to do what the local authority say you are to do because we think it can be done in another and cheaper way or in a more effective way".
  11. The principles of company law the Lords applied in this case are also relevant to companies registered in the jurisdiction of England and Wales.
  12. In a similar fashion it was becoming common for quite trivial legal disputes to go to the papal Curia on appeal: this was to transform the very nature of papal jurisdiction and authority, and is a striking example of the cosmopolitan links and assumptions of twelfth-century culture.

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