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Перевод: juror speek juror

присяжный заседатель; член жюри; присягающий ; человек, принесший клятву; человек, принесший присягу


  1. But surely the job of the juror is to assess the credibility of the witness in the box.
  2. One elderly juror, whose house had burned down eight months before North appeared, said she tuned in a little to the hearings as she tried to sort everything out, but "it was just like I was focussing on "The Three Stooges" or something."
  3. If challenged to justify why blacks are struck from the jury, prosecutors offer the most ridiculous reasons - "he looked dumb", "he lived in the same part of town as the defendant" (most blacks live in the same part of town), "he was a mason and I was worried about masonic links" (the prospective juror was a stone mason by profession).
  4. Security has been tight at the court, but there has been one threat against a juror, a bomb threat against the judge and now the firebombing directed at a key witness.
  5. One woman juror winked at Liberace as she returned for the verdict.
  6. On the day itself, Norman Mailer, then a juror at the Cannes film festival, was asked what he thought of the movies on offer.
  7. A JUROR miffed that his 1.20 travelling expenses were not being paid was sacked from an Old Bailey case yesterday.
  8. Juror sacked for expenses whinge
  9. A juror's duty is to make an assessment on evidence available at the time.
  10. A JUDGE was forced to scrap a lengthy criminal trial after a woman juror claimed she had been threatened with the sack.
  11. Woman juror forces rape case retrial
  12. A RAPE trial was halted yesterday after a female juror complained there were not enough women on the panel.
  13. As a juror, would you find that a defendant had committed a serious crime on such a basis?

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