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Перевод: jury speek jury

аварийный; временный;
присяжные ; жюри


  1. It was as if he was addressing a recalcitrant jury.
  2. In the most common case, the jury punishes an insurer for egregiously mishandling a health or property claim submitted by its own customer.
  3. And, the jury heard, they found one.
  4. The ancestor of the modern jury has been found in a variety of institutions of northern Europe in this period; in truth it seems to be the residuary legatee of the popular courts in general.
  5. Burghers presented another problem: "With regard to the Eurasians, it is notoriously difficult, even upon the strongest evidence to induce a jury, in which the Eurasians are in a majority, to convict a Eurasian."
  6. Pc Kelly told the jury he could not breathe very well and tried to make himself comfortable.
  7. The trial was adjourned until tomorrow and the jury were told they would not be needed until Thursday.
  8. And I wasn't at all surprised when the jury took only an hour to find Waddell not guilty.
  9. The coroner was John Lancelot Martin, a personal friend of the deceased, as were several members of the jury.
  10. The presiding jury claimed they had not chosen her, as she alleged, but Elina Guimaraes, an 84-year-old former suffragette.
  11. Dutta, 28, told the jury he received 20,000 for setting up the front company of Rasiklal Sons and providing letterheads and invoices.
  12. The Crown then withdrew its case and the judge ordered the jury to acquit Mrs Grzybkowski, of Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.
  13. In 1292, for example, the king ordered an inquiry to be made in the forest of Essex by the foresters, verderers and regarders of the three regards of Colchester, Ongar and Chelmsford, together with a jury of thirty-six knights and others, into a complaint by the Abbess of Barking that the foresters had interfered in her woods, which she claimed to be exempt from the regard and from the jurisdiction of the king's Forest officers.

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