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Перевод: just speek just

справедливый; беспристрастный; правильный; заслуженный; должный; надлежащий; обоснованный; точный; верный;
именно; как раз; прямо; точно; едва; только что; просто; совсем


  1. April, Hitler had committed suicide, just as the Russian troops were in the process of overrunning Berlin, and on 8th.
  2. Keep it light and sometimes when things are not as clear as you would like them to be just trust and give the remedy you judge to be nearest.
  3. Is that just inherent prejudice?
  4. I'd grappled up the slope on foot just before and knew how steep and icy its surface was and which of the bigger rocks had to be dodged because they would foul the car's underside.
  5. It is just conceivable, however that, even at this time he may have started to indulge in a very simple form of god worship entirely on his own as a single individual, group worship following much later.
  6. You will find it much easier if you can bring yourself to take the very positive attitude that today the two of you are going to share just a few hours of life together: time that can never come again.
  7. Just my nerves."
  8. There are plenty of ordinary reasons for travelling: business; visits to family or friends; for culture or history; sea, sun and sand; religion or health; education; shopping; food and wines; or just plain fun.
  9. But it is not political any longer; it's just that more people seem to be doing damage to more people, especially old people, single people, those who live alone.
  10. Angelica had just mentioned that Steve was mixed up in an insurance swindle, and she was afraid that was why he had missed the train.
  11. I'd taught many similarly wealthy girls during my lecturer days, so fortunately I didn't feel uneasy about this and just let her carry on.
  12. Some say it is an irresponsible attitude but isn't it more irresponsible to use a vote just because the law commands it?
  13. People who mix old and new oil or just keep topping it up are sacrificing the good oil for the bad.

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