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Перевод: justice speek justice

справедливость ; правосудие; юстиция ; управа ; судья


  1. The Administration of Justice Act 1970 tells you what you can't do to recover your debts:
  2. According to the justice ministry, staff at 70 of the country's 180 prisons are on strike, compared with 22 at the end of last week.
  3. Lord Justice Watkins said he agreed with reluctance.
  4. Later it became the slogan of those struggling for equal justice for all.
  5. Iain Guest is the reporter in next Sunday's BBC-1 Everyman programme, Called To Account (10.20pm), which examines justice in Chile.
  6. with him a certain clerk, who he said was the clerk of the justice of the Forest, and made a view of dogs which were not lawed throughout his bailiwick.
  7. Mr Taylor, who has two children, Patrick, 24, and Jennifer, 21, spends part of his retirement as a voluntary Justice of the Peace.
  8. But after the defeat and death of de Montfort at the battle of Evesham, the king on 2 September 1266 wrote to Roger Leyburn, Justice of the Forest north of Trent:
  9. It is synonymous with the quest for justice.
  10. But one can sympathise with Mr Justice Henry, the now redundant Guinness judge, when he called for a radical re-appraisal of the way big fraud cases are handled.
  11. In procedural terms, therefore, the life sentence involves a transfer of function: normally it is the judge who determines the sentence (or at least its upper limit, since earlier release on parole may be possible), whereas a life sentence entrusts that function to the executive, who must first ascertain the opinions of the Lord Chief Justice and the trial judge.
  12. They range from the UK equivalent of plea bargaining to the curiosity that while Boesky, a confessed criminal, can arrange special deals with the prosecution, those charged with lesser offences have to spend three years keeping lawyers in clover while waiting for their turn at justice.
  13. They were prerequisites - "an unparalleled priority" - for dealing with inflation, the balance of payments deficit, unemployment, and funding the party's policies for social justice.

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