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Перевод: justifiable speek justifiable

могущий быть оправданным; законный; позволительный


  1. I suggested that starlings had probably been in Australia longer than his family, and if his argument was translated into human terms then an aboriginal would have a justifiable right in hoisting a spear into his chest.
  2. I think one of the justifiable criticisms of Radio 3 - though not of my predecessor - is that it has come across as being too much about itself.
  3. If Fforde was describing the phenomenon whereby late Victorian and Edwardian commentators frequently used both terms to describe anti-individualism, this would be justifiable.
  4. When data is not available from published statistics, studies, existing reports and other secondary data, move on to direct collection of information (primary data), if this appears justifiable on cost/benefit grounds.
  5. MASERU (UPI) - The chief magistrate in Lesotho ruled that the killing last December of a student by Lesotho's ruler, Major General Metsing Lekhanya, was justifiable homicide.
  6. It is considered justifiable to let off bombs in Britain and kill innocent people, blaming Arab countries, if that helps Israel.
  7. This enabled the banks to pull out on the grounds that involvement was not commercially justifiable.
  8. The criminal law can respond to it as a tolerable and justifiable exception to basic criminal law rules developed long before ventilators ever existed.
  9. An inquest jury, rapidly assemble in a nearby inn, returned a verdict of "justifiable homicide".
  10. When an American member of the International League for Civil Liberties is shot dead in a police ambush, the killing is explained as an unfortunate but justifiable occurrence in the war against terrorism.
  11. If the school refused to reschedule the trip, would this amount to unlawful indirect discrimination, or would the school's decision have been "justifiable"?
  12. Jazz's dark inscrutable eyes could well be hiding - Hoomey thought - a far more justifiable amazement at the figure before him.
  13. What begins in justifiable enthusiasm for a good end (stopping Communist penetration of this hemisphere is a good end) can easily overlook the need to proceed by ponderously lawful means.

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