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Перевод: justification speek justification

оправдание; оправдывающие обстоятельства; подтверждение; выключка строки; выравнивание


  1. However, there is still a lingering doubt about the justification for such a rise.
  2. Zapp is simply keeping up with the state of the art; he is more convinced than ever that professionalism is its own justification and reward.
  3. But it has been further seen that strong justification is needed for adopting a system at variance with prevailing medical views.
  4. When we get fed up with the worship, the vicar, the organist, or other elements of church life, we should remember that justification by faith in the fellowship means accepting that our differences are as important to God as our similarities.
  5. This approach recognises continuing activities as part of the School Development Plan, but forces justification of them each year.
  6. The justification for excluding controversial truths from the original position lies in the social role of justice, which is "to enable all members of society to make mutually acceptable to one another their shared institutions and basic arrangements , by citing what are publicly recognized as sufficient reasons."
  7. Reasons that should have determined the authority's directive but failed to do so cannot be thought to belong to the justification of the directive.
  8. Any reader is entitled to ask what purpose such national anthologies serve; their best justification is making art more accessible, enabling those living artists represented to find and hold on to audiences for their work.
  9. The DoE's claimed justification for this last step was medical advice from the DHSS, although, as we have seen, this interpretation owes at least as much to administrative convenience as to scientific advice.
  10. The same faith provides China's leaders with their only explanation and justification for why they sent tanks to crush student protesters who had hurt no one and damaged nothing.
  11. The paragraph mark is typed at the end of a paragraph whenever you tap Enter It contains paragraph (not character) formatting instructions for the paragraph that precedes it, eg tab stops or justification.
  12. Global warming provides a more imperative justification for energy efficiency, but as Helm and Schneider have pointed out, what would be wasted by an energy efficiency strategy if serious global warming never materialised?
  13. Three of the qualified defences discussed above have an element of justification - provocation, excessive defence, and some cases of duress.

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